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A program designed to match nationally qualified and passionate tutors with K-12 students
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About Us

Expanding the horizons of virtual learning, fulfilling student need and potential, and democratizing tutoring across the nation

The Alpha Centauri Tutoring program, established on December 21, 2021, is a free initiative that connects skilled tutors with K-12 students in Delaware and beyond. To date, it has provided over 3000 tutoring hours to 242 students in 25 schools across 8 states. This program boasts 203 tutors from mainly the Eastern Coast of the United States and select countries in the Caribbean and Asia, well-versed in various subjects. Additionally, there are 20 tutors, including college students, graduates, experienced ESL tutors, servicemen, graduate students, and more, all with strong backgrounds in community service and specific subjects. The program's origins can be traced to Sasan Sedighi and Suraj Reddy, who noticed that many students faced challenges with their coursework and couldn't access CSW peer tutoring due to scheduling conflicts. Alpha Centauri is committed to making tutoring accessible to a diverse student population, forging partnerships with schools such as CSW, Caravel, Odyssey, Independence, and Linden Hill. They initially recruited about 20 tutors after sharing program information in the Charter Student Newsletter and Schoology group. The program plans ~70 tutoring hours each week, and its reach extends to students across the globe, including Jamaica and Turkey. The Alpha Centauri team remains dedicated to expanding virtual learning opportunities, meeting student needs, and democratizing tutoring for students nationwide.
We are fiscally sponsored by Hack+ and are certified to certify presidential volunteer service hours.
We utilize TerraNova standardized testing into our programs in order to measure quantitative student growth.

Title Partners

Alpha Centauri can exist thanks to its generous partners:

The Zakat Foundation of America
The Delaware Youth Leadership Network
The Charter School of Wilmington

Our Services

Alpha Centauri Tutoring matches qualified and passionate tutors with struggling students in free, online tutoring sessions



Computer Science


STEM Competition Prep

Foreign Languages


Social Sciences

Alpha Centauri Tutoring matches highly qualified individuals such as private tutors, graduate and bachelor degree holders, and bright college students with multiple students for free, remote summer classes, which include homework assignments, tutor feedback, and Q & A sessions



Intro to Coding



Meet our leadership team!

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Co-CEO and Co-Founder

Early-Education Neurological Director

Educational Psychology Director

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Tutoring Logistics Director

South Asia Branch President

Our Team

Tutor Selection Process

Want to be a tutor with us? Here's how you can join!
Step One: Application
Tutors fill out an application and will specify their qualifications availability and subject strengths
You can find the application here!

Step Two: Interview
We interview tutors to specify our expectations and get to know them better.

Step Three: Training
Our training directors will train tutors in how to use different resources available to them by Alpha Centauri and guidelines on tutoring younger children.

And you're in! Congratulations!


"It's really helpful for me when I do not understand school work or am trying to learn a new concept or skill!"
- Olta, a ninth grader from Jamaica

"My tutor was amazing!"
- Disha, a eleventh grader from MOT Charter

"Our tutor was exceptional in math, taught us fractions, adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers, and geometry."
- Zayn's Parent, third grader

"The tutor was humble and patient, something I did not expect from a teenage tutor at first. He helped my son with reading comprehension, writing, and spelling using interactive and engaging exercises."
- Katie, parent of a second grader